Funky Monkey Recommendations

If you are looking for a DJ for a school, sporting club fundraiser or birthday celebration that caters for children, look no further than Funky Monkey. Julie will have them eating out of their hands, using her witty sense of humour to spell bind them into performing challenges for prizes, clicking their dancing shoes and singing their favourite tunes. Fun and frivolity will be had by all. Funky Monkey is a wonderful way to ensure entertainment, as well as to creating a party atmosphere.

How do I know because I have witnessed it first hand, both at a school disco and a football fundraiser?
Funky Monkey was highly recommended by all that attended.

Mary Hibble

kids luved thier first disco last nite at Altona Green!! xx they said the music was fab!!! Kelsey already planning for u to be the dj at her birthday party next year!! lol!!


You were the best today luv u and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

May Borg

Thanks Funkemonkey for yet another great school disco. Year after year you don't disappoint with your enthusiasm, positive attitude, great ideas for the night plus all the extra tips you gave us along the way in getting it organised Middle Park Primary School